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Everyday Wear By D Badami

Here’s a range of fabrics blend style and comfort produced at D Badami.





Cavalry Twill

We make plains in 100% fine cotton & cotton with spandex.

Our exclusive colour choice makes our customers choose us when it comes to plain. We plan to launch new colours every season in plains.

When Comfort Meets Quality You Know Its D Badami Fabric

Each fabric produced at D Badami has one inherent quality – comfort. Our fabrics are made from fine compact cotton, giving the fabric its softness and breathability it requires.

D Badami team is innovative with development of new products aiming to fulfill customers expectation, keeping in view of changing trends. 

D Badami is synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship, innovation, versatility, spectrum of colours and great quality finishing.The company is geared and ready to meet the demand of the extensive market.