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5 Fashion Startup Companies To Shop From

Men know how it is. You want to look good without having to go out and without asking for too much help. If you’re tired of shopping from expensive departmental store clothes then startups is a great way to refresh your wardrobe space and save money while you do. 

There are exciting things happening in the fashion startup space. Technologies like Virtual Size Measurement, QR codes, visual search help startup’s enhance the retail experience and connect more with their customers. 

Luckily there are few startup which come at their rescue, helping them shop at the comfort of home. All the brands mentioned below are innovative and fascinating.

Christopher Ward Watches

They are truly known for their excellent quality watches and their love for detailing and creating these beautiful crafted pieces which define luxury.

Thursday Boot Company

Solid pair of boots make some of the stylish statement for men. To ensure they maintain their standards the brand produces hand made shoes for everyday casual wear. They are comfort right out of the box. It’s a must have for all men. Check out their link for some shoe shopping.


Harry’s is best known for it’s shaving kit for men who like keeping it simple. It’s a classic example of affordability and convenience. They are a fine pair of blade and can be bought for a price lesser than any other drugstore purchase. 

Nyva Store

Nyva Store believes at prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style. We consider this online brand as the place to get perfect fitted clothes for men due to their virtual size measurement technology. It helps you get a tailored experience at the comfort of your home. 

Bombas Socks

Socks is something we wear everyday and why not cherish and wear fun ones. They produce socks that are comfortable as the pair you want to wear while going anywhere and everywhere.  

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